AL Quran Learning FAQs

AL Quran Learning FAQs

Online AL Quran Learning FAQ's

Is learning Quran online practical?

Learning online on a one-to-one individual basis is not a new concept. A number of universities and institutes currently run in a similar way. Countless students, of various age groups and ethnicities are benefiting from online learning, just like ours.

Do we learn through this site?

Yes our teachers are the ones who will be teaching you online and delivering lectures with your consent.

This is my first day. What should I do to start my lesson?

After you have registered, your teacher will inform you via Skype or phone on how to get started. If for some reason you are not contacted, you can call us at any time. For contact information click Contact Us.

What if I do not know how to use a computer?

Do not worry, our technical support representatives will guide you every step of the way, you will be ready to learn

How will I learn to read the Quran online? Don't I need to buy a textbook, or some kind of material?

You do not need to buy any material, we have an online textbook that you will be given, which you and your teacher will be able to view simultaneously. You will be able to view your teachers screen at all times. Your teacher will be pointing out and correcting mistakes online while having a live conversation with you. This is how the student benefits from this individual base learning.

Are the teachers qualified, and if so, what qualifications do they have?

Our teachers are highly qualified and are experienced teachers. Every teacher has an Islamic diploma (6-8 year diploma equal to Masters) and have years of teaching experience. Every teacher is a certified Hafiz-e-Quran (has memorized the Holy Qu'ran). They teach according to the needs of their students and are highly flexible. They are permanently employed by our organization, so they are available at any time.

What should I do if I am waiting for my teacher and he is not online?

This usually does not happen, but if for some reason your teacher is not online then you can call us at any time and we solve this problem right away. For our phone number and contact information, click on Contact Us.

What happens if I have missed a lot of classes, can I make them later?

It is your full responsibility to notify your teacher as soon as possible for any classes that you have missed or will be missing. You can make them up, but you need to discuss with your teacher for other possible timings to make up for the missed classes.

I already have read the Quran, but want to improve my Tajweed. Will I have to learn from the beginning all over again?

No, we will work from whatever level you are currently at and start improving from there.

When are the class timings?

This is one of the unique characteristics of our online institute. You are to choose a schedule (set timings) that is most fitting to your needs and give to your teachers.

How do I pay my fees?

You can pay us by these ways:
1) Wire transfer.
2) Western Union.
3) Direct Deposit in Bank Account.
Ask your teacher for further details.